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Music of the Body

Music derived from the human body for health and relaxation

Music of the Body Music of the Body is a CD of music derived from protein hormones found in the human body. Its soothing and uplifting properties make it ideal for use by health professionals and alternative medicine practitioners to accompany their therapeutic work (e.g. massage therapy with essential oils, reiki and music therapy), and by individuals to enhance meditation, mind-body visualization techniques, and bodywork e.g. yoga. It may also be used to promote relaxation in health clubs, health clinics, spas and beauty salons, and induce calm in clinical settings such as hospitals and dentists.

So why not indulge yourself in a little musical massage therapy! - simply dim the lights, light some candles and incense and play your favourite organic body tunes to create a relaxing and reviving environment in the home or in the bath.

Computer generated note sequences, derived from protein hormones found in the human body, have been arranged by Dr. Linda Long to create complex 'multi-dimensional' musical pieces which contain sequences describing both the secondary and tertiary features of the individual hormones.

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an mp3 clip from,
A composition based
on the protein,
Absorb and balanceThyrotropin.MP3 Clip 79KB
Voice of metabolismThyroid hormone.MP3 Clip 79KB
Calcium chimesParathyroid hormone.MP3 Clip 79KB
Mineral replenishGuanylin.MP3 Clip 79KB
Growth controlSomatostatin.MP3 Clip 79KB
Music for muscle and boneGrowth hormone.MP3 Clip 79KB
Inner cyclesProgesterone receptor protein.MP3 Clip 79KB
NurtureChorionic gonadotropin.MP3 Clip 79KB
FertilityFollitropin.MP3 Clip 79KB

These pieces may be heard in full on the CD 'Music of the Body'. The CD is a compilation of nine ambient musical works totalling 40 minutes, designed from nature to inspire, relax and revive. Never before has it been possible to experience the complexity of our inner nature so simply through music.This ground-breaking fusion of music and science provides a new way of perceiving ourselves through sound, creating a new genre of therapeutic and explorative music remarkable in both its beauty and authenticity.

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